Spirit’s Restless In Me

Spirit’s restless in me Spirit’s restless in me Gonna get myself free From this pain and agony Spirit’s restless in me Mercy in every kind word Mercy in every kind word Won’t you speak to me your heart That’s where the healing starts Mercy in every kind word I heard you on the radio I…

The McClung Genealogy by Rev. William McClung

I have been an amateur genealogist for many years. A pastime handed down to me from my mother. It is something I refer to as the rabbit hole. I am, by nature, wary of the internet, so I don’t subscribe to any of the online sites, such as Ancestry.com. I don’t keep neatly filed records…


Sorry, but I thought that I knew you. Sorry, I wasted all your time. I’ll be leaving you now. Let the tide wash me down. Echoes of memories past. Fill my mind full of sad. Lovers’ hearts are broken in two. Let the tide wash me down. Dreams that will never come true. Silver linings…

Disillusions: The Ramblings of an Unwilling Prophetis

The race has already been won, but not by who you think. Eyes grotesquely covered in a pale shade of candy Apple pink. For when red and white join together, with no hint of blue, It is our weaknesses, that then become our truths.


Somehow I knew my flare would be ineffectual. Experience has taught me that aid comes on its own volution. Helping hands and white knights always have a price. A bit of gold or a piece of your soul. Two shillings for the child.

Today I Got My Wings

Today I got my wings. Charles brought them Motorcycle, black leather, helmet in hand. At first, I didn’t understand. I was slow to see the whole. The trials and tribulations had Come hard and heavy upon my soul. Love and lust and need and greed All tested my metal and steed. Helpers quietly working behind…

Old Neutriment

Old Neutriment; Memories of the Custers by Glendolin Damon Wagner. 1989. University of Nebraska Press. NE “Old Neutriment” was the moniker of John Burkman, orderly  to General George Armstrong Custer for nearly a decade. By the powers of fate, Burkman was separated from the Seventh Calvary and thus escaped death at Little Bighorn. Glendolin Damon…

A History of Mt. Mitchell and the Black Mountains

History of Mt. Mitchell and the Black Mountains: Exploration, Development, and Preservation by S. Kent Schwarzkopf As the highest mountain range in the eastern United States, the Black Mountains have a history longer than that of the human species. As deforestation hit at the beginning of the 20th century, the conservationists were barely able to…

The Dean Mountain Story

The Dean Mountain Story by Gloria Dean The Dean Mountain Story is the history a family from Rockingham County, Virginia. Several generations of the Dean and Hensley families grew together in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley.

The Horse and Buggy Doctor

The medical profession has certainly changed since the days of Arthur E. Hertzler. Born in 1870, Hertzler was witness to the many changes eastern civilization brought to the mid-west after the Civil War.

Nevada Treasure Hunter’s Ghost Town Guide

With the names of over 800 place included, along with information on the location of mines, springs, wells and old roads, this little gem is a must have for your road trip out to the wilds of the western United States.


Her historic journey has garnered her a place on a US coin. This certainly cannot even come close to measuring the value of all that was lost and all that was gained through this expedition across the New World.